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1.    Acceptance of terms

1.1    By continuing to access our services, you are consenting to the application of these terms and conditions except where other terms and conditions are entered into by means of a specific arrangement pursuant to an agreement entered into for the provision of services by us.


2.    Parties

2.1    The Parties to this agreement are IRIS THAUMAS LTD (“we” and derivatives thereof) and the customer defined as the individual or entity receiving service (“you” and derivatives thereof).

3.    Services

The services we provide are: 


Human resources support services, comprising General HR services; Recruitment services; and Payroll services in Malta as well as in selected other EU/EEA/CH States (State normally being any European Union Member State, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland and/or an administrative territory therein such as a canton, federal state, or department, or another country as agreed to from time to time).

3.1    General HR Services

Our General HR services encompass a range of offerings designed to support your business needs, including:

  • Drafting and crafting job descriptions

  • Employee handbook development

  • Employee development planning support

  • Workplace training provision

  • Performance management systems setup

  • Local and cross-border employment compliance guidance

  • HR process and system change management

  • Disciplinary procedures navigation

  • Support during terminations

3.2    Documentation Handling

We process employment contracts and related documents for electronic signatures as required.


3.3    Employment Practices Advisory Services

We procure advice on matters related to employment law.

3.4    Taxation Scheme Processing

We handle applications for Qualified Employment taxation schemes, including but not limited to:

  • Qualifying Employment in Aviation Taxation Scheme

  • Highly Qualified Persons Rules Taxation Scheme

  • Qualifying Employment in Maritime, Offshore Oil and Gas Activities Taxation Scheme


3.5    Work Permit Applications

We assist with processing applications and renewals for work permits, including:

  • TCN Single Permit Portal for Employers

  • TCN Single Permit

  • TCN Single Permit KEI

  • TCN Single Permit SEI

  • Inter-Company Transfer Single Permit

  • Blue Card Application


3.6    Tailored HR Solutions

Additionally, we provide tailored HR solutions to meet specific client requirements.


3.7    Recruitment services
Our Recruitment services are subject to a separate contract.

3.8    Payroll services
Our Payroll services are subject to a separate contract.

4.    Miscellaneous
4.1    All services are subject to availability and applicable regulations.

4.2    Further terms and conditions may vary and will be discussed with clients before engagement.

5.    Payment Terms

5.1    Our service charges except where otherwise agreed are as follows:

When based on time spent, at a rate as quoted from time to time.

5.2    All prices are exclusive of VAT, unless otherwise stated in an estimate and/or invoice.

5.3    Payment is on strict credit terms of 30 days after emailed invoice and must be settled in full without set-off.

5.4    Payment is to be by bank transfer or as otherwise instructed by us.

5.5    Late payment will attract interest at the maximum allowed by law.

6.    Performance by us and limitation of our liability

6.1    We will deliver service to the best of our ability and seek to maintain quality and timeliness at all times but are unable to guarantee performance timing and will not have any liability arising from delay except where such delay is caused by gross negligence on our part and in such event our liability shall be limited to refund of any fees paid only.

6.2    Where the relationship entered into between us is between a service provider (us) and a consumer (you), your rights as defined herein shall be subject to applicable consumer protection regulations: this does not apply if you are a business or other commercial operator.

6.3    We will establish mutual beneficial KPIs for each of our services to ensure meeting targets and deadlines.

7.    Warranties

7.1    You warrant that at all times you are entitled and able to request and receive service from us and we shall not be obliged to carry out due diligence on you and/or your capacity to request and receive service from us.

7.2    You warrant that you shall not make cause harm to us or third parties by the use of our services and to refrain from hacking, reverse-engineering or otherwise interfering with our website and you shall indemnify us in full including for consequential damages or costs if in breach.

8.    Privacy Policy

8.1    We shall apply appropriate and reasonable safeguards to the processing of your data and protection of your privacy and by accessing our services you delegate to us the right to make use of such data as we may deem appropriate in the circumstances.

9.    Intellectual Property

9.1    All intellectual property trademarks and other such assets used on this site and any such property developed in the course of delivery of service is our property and shall remain our property unless specifically assigned to you by means of an agreement to this end.

10.    Third-Party Links

10.1    Any links to third parties are provided for convenience only and we do not give any warranty or guarantee as to such links.

11.    Termination

11.1    We and you may terminate our provision of service at will by giving one (1) working day’s notice, and all amounts due for services rendered shall be due immediately.

12.    Governing Law and Jurisdiction

12.1    All issues arising from the use of this site, from our provision of service or in any manner connected with the relationship between us shall be subject to Maltese law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Maltese courts and tribunals.

Version: Rev 2 - 05/03/2024

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