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The A1 form and its use

What is the A1 form?

The A1 form certifies which social security legislation applies to the holder of the form. It will generally be needed in situations where you, as an employed person, have a connection through your employment with more than one EU country. Under the EU rules a person is only subject to the legislation of one country at any one time. The A1 is issued by the country to whose legislation you are subject and confirms that you are not subject to the legislation of any other country you are connected with – in other words you will have no obligation to pay social security (including health insurance) contributions in the other countries. The A1 remains valid until the date of expiry, indicated at the form or until it is withdrawn by the issuing institution.

Where and when to obtain your A1 form?

We will normally apply for the A1 to the relevant institution in your country. Whenever possible, the application will be made before your employment begins. If the institution sends the A1 directly to you then you must send us a copy.

What is the use of the A1 form?

The A1 should be kept available to be presented by you to authorities when so requested in the country you are working in, to confirm your social security position and to indicate in which country the social security contributions will have to be paid.

Further information

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